We provide technical services for following:

Onboard repair and services of electrical and instrument systems
Contracting and Technical Site services
Design and Tender Consultancy, Process Control and Safety Systems
Engineering and Design Specification for Electrical and Automation Systems
Calibration and third party verifications
De-bottlenecking, problem solving and optimization
Maintenance of E&I systems
Generator servicing & testing
Switchboards servicing & testing
Testing of Load sharing & synchronizing
Air Circuit Breaker servicing & testing
Reverse Power relay servicing & testing
Over Current relay servicing & testing
DC 24V battery charging system
AC&DC UPS system
Electrical fault finding and trouble shooting
Oil Discharge Monitoring Control System
Transmitters, Controllers & Control Valves
PCB repairing and testing
Fixed Gas Detection system
Oil Mist Detection System
Salinity System
Cargo Pump Control System & COPT Monitoring System
High Tank Level Alarms
15ppm Bilge Alarm
Tank Temperature & Pressure Monitoring System

We also do calibration of following instruments:

Volt meters
Watt meters
KW meters
Amp meters
Frequency meter (Hz)
Portable UTI/UT meters
Portable Gas Detector Oxygen/H2S/Combustible)
Temperature / Pressure gauges